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Ok, here's the deal...I hate powder...I wish I didn't because there are a lot of great frags out there that have a powdery note to them, but, to me and my cursed little nose, powder destroys the frag for me. It makes it unbearable, sadly, and I just can't tolerate powder. So, here's what I'm thinking, I would love it if powder haters, like me, took a moment to post some frags that they have found that have a powdery note that just ruined it for them.

THE GOAL: To help other powder haters to have a list of frags that they can refer too to see if there is that cursed powder note in it.

Before I begin the list I just have to give you my "why's" behind wanting this list:

An example...I hate celery, I despise the stuff...and every time there is celery in something, I taste it and I hate it and it ruins everything for me...but to celery lickers/lovers they say they can't even taste it. Powder tends to be the same...I have read many many reviews of many many different frags, and I always look to see if they mention powder...and rarely do they unless it a major component in the frag. So, I have sampled frags only to find that cursed powder raring it's unpleasant head, and man is it disappointing. I'm calling all you powder-haters to action because you, like me, can sense that powder note whether big or small, and I would love your input.

Now, I'm not excluding you powder lovers...I would love your input too! If you want to list frags that you know have a powdery component to them too, please do.

My powdery frag (disappointments)

Dsquared Silver Wind Wood--All powder all the time from start to finish.

Diptique Eau Duelle--Love the vanilla note...hate the slight powder.

Bond no 9Andy Warhol--Good for what it is, until the powder kicks in.

Every SingleBy Kilianmy nose has come in contact with.

Jo MaloneBlue Agava and Cacao--Great cocoa note until a massive wallop of powder hits you upside the face.

AmouageJubilation XXV--Yep, there's some powder in there...loved it until that evil powder arrived.

Andy TauerOrange Star--Didn't really like it even if it didn't have powder.

Mona di OrioLes Nombres de Vanille--I read everywhere that it is a non-powdery was a lie, all a lie.

MontaleSandal Silver--Yep, powdery sandalwood.

I will add more as I remember more and discover more. And, as a disclaimer...I understand that some notes just come with powder...but, I'm confused as to why almost every vanilla frag has a powdery component to it, but somehow Tobacco Vanille manages to be vanilla without powder, as well as Coty's Raw Vanilla. And it seems like sandalwood=powder, except for Art of Shaving Sandalwoodhas absolutely no trace of powder. I'm confused about that. And, I do recognize that my nose might be really sensitive to powder, but still, I would love to see a list of powder offenders.

Feel free to list your own discoveries...and maybe even one's that you would like to know if they are powdery or not in hopes that others with experience with those frags can give you a heads up. Thanks...hopefully we can get a great list to refer to.