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Today at the mall I was getting off the elevator of a department store when suddenly I sniffed the most divine aroma wafting through the air, it was blue, non-descript but somehow familiar. As I arrived on the second floor I saw a man and I figured it must be him, he then saw me, turned around and came towards me and shoved something at me, at first I refused figuring he's trying to sell me something, and in a way he was, he was a sales associate handing me a sample and scent card of a old familiar friend, Nautica Voyage. I'd been neglecting it lately and hadn't worn it in months, I forgot how wonderful it could smell in the air.

I got home to my half-full bottle and decided to put it back in my summer rotation. Sometimes you dot know what you got till it's gone. It's really quite masterful how Maurice Roucel managed to give you a fresh blue floral but keep it masculine. The longevity is epic, the longest lasting "fresh" scent I own.

If you haven't tried it, you should, it's one of the best designer masculines out there and there's something super sexy about the whole composition.