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The good news: Since yesterday, I am the proud owner of a medium-sized bottle of vintage (1980s) Vol de Nuit extrait, complete with zebra coffret and outer box. Very exciting!


The bad news: The stopper is stuck. I tried putting the bottle in the freezer. I tried putting the bottle in the fridge. I tried hot running water, hot still water (standing the bottle upside down in a bowl). I waited and drew upon hitherto unrecognized reserves of patience. But still the stopper wouldn't budge. So then I did something very stupid: I inserted the end of a teaspoon under the stopper to try to lever it out.


The top of the stopper flew right off, leaving a plug of glass still embedded in the neck. I almost cried. 





So what do I do next? I suppose the last resort would be to put the bottle in a ziplock bag over a bowl and take a hammer to it. I'll also try to wrap some elastic bands around what's left of the stopper and try to pull it out with some pliers.


As far as the juice is concerned, I'll have to get hold of an old bottle or atomiser somehow. Has anyone tried the atomisers Muji sell? They say they're not suitable for perfume, which worries me. I've no idea where to get hold of a glass one here in Paris. The perfect solution would be to stump up for a replacement original bottle - or stopper - but finding the right size at the right price won't be easy. I blame the bottle collectors.


If anyone has any other ideas I'd be very grateful to hear them.