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Hi fellow Patou lovers

I've managed to complete a collection of all 12 minis of the Ma Collection. My latest purchases included the rare and wonderful Vacances, something I never thought I'd get. It's winging its way to me from Europe. I am an internet junkie (much to David's consternation) and comb sources far and wide.

To help me to manage this treasure (which I regard as an investment for the future) David has made me a little cabinet to hold them. He has actually beaten the postman as I currently have only 7 of the 12 in hand.

This will sit proudly on my already overcrowded dressing table, alongside the two lovely boxes that David has made me for my roll-on collection and my decants and samples.

I had wanted an Art Deco look but on reflection perhaps it's more of a Nouveau style, but David is very proud of it, justifiably so.