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First time posting after 6 months of stalking the message boards. Time to contribute to the community.

I live in Hong Kong where we only get 2 weeks of cooler weather per year. Summers are unbearably hot and extremely humid. My fragrance usage has always typically been fresh, aquatic, green scents. My Creeds (MI, GIT, etc), Bleu, and AdP gets heavy usage throughout the year. I love the fresh scents but I'm looking for something different.

My real question is, what fragrance have you gotten away with wearing in the hot summer, that is traditionally not known for being a summer scent? Something, bold, intricate, with multiple layers. Does it even exist?

(I've sampled most of the Amouage line. Extremely well done and A LOT going on. But feel like its too much and heavy to pull off. I really like Tauer L'air, specifically after dusty cedar fades in the dry down. But again probably more suitable for cold weather?)

Appreciate the feedback