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Hey guys, so I'm one of those guys that doesn't have a big collection and so sure enough the time has come to get a summer fragrance; I am all out of anything decent. I'm going to California this weekend and I wanted to purchase a good versatile summer fragrance for the trip AND the remainder of the summer. Currently I am holding two fragrances at my work; Acqua di Gio and L'eu Bleu de Issey (I think that's the name, blue bottle chrome cap). The ADG is a 1.7 for 29.99. The Issey is the 2.5 for 39.99. If I could only pick one (I have other expenses to make) which should I pick? I do have concerns about the popularity of ADG, but it's not a deal breaker if it is versatile and well complemented. The Issey has the unique factor, but I'm afraid it might be too mature for me (20 years old), and I asked a few girls at work if they liked it and the overall reaction was "meh". So compliments are important to me. I'm just afraid ADG will smell cheap or overdone (which it is the latter) as well as too "sporty". I have not smelled it (knowingly anyways). I will sample it soon, maybe that will answer my question, just wanted other opinions.