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Hey guys

I haven't posted anything on here in a while, but I've finally decided that I no longer need my bottle of Rahat Loukoum or Iris Silver Mist...
Rahat Loukoum I hardly wear :( And I have finally admitted to myself that Iris Silver Mist just doesn't work on my skin as much as it kills me to say.
I bought the bell jars in Paris and it hurts a little to get rid of them but there are lots that I'd rather wear and own.
They have been displayed with all my fragrances away from light and heat etc. I have the boxes to go with it :)
I also have only decanted into miniature spray vials from this (along with my other bells) - the juice is completely uncontaminated.

I do have one question for YOU though - how on earth does one go about shipping a belljar after it's been opened? My only guess can be a hell of a lot of electrical tape to secure the lid into position. I'm pretty sure that this, inside the box + bubblewrap is completely safe, but I'd love to hear from others who have shipped belljars.

UK Postage preferred please. Will be willing to ship EU.




The belljars are not completely full when you purchase them, so please check picture for level. I'd say there is about 65-70ml remaining out of 75ml.

Looking for:

Vero Profumo
Onda EDP

Serge Lutens

Humiecki & Graef

Carillon Pour Un Ange
Eau D'Epices

Les Nez
Turtle Vetiver Exercise 1
Turtle Vetiver Front

Etat Libre D'Orange
Vierges et Toreros

Frederic Malle
Musc Ravageur
Carnal Flower
Lys Mediterranee

Charging £85 each including postage in the sale section of the Forum so after an equivalent swap :)

Thanks for looking!

I have 170+ 100% positive feedback on eBay.
If you need any details just PM me



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