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My birthday is coming up in a few days, and I decided to treat myself.But I'm in a pickle: should I finally break down and get a bottle of that Basenoter favorite Aventus, or buy a Herman Miller Eames plastic chair for my space that I've also been lusting over?

I can get the Eames chair through the local Herman Miller dealer for about the same price as a 4 oz bottle of Aventus from FragranceNet. But I don't have the money for both at once. That's where Basenoters come in.

The Case For Aventus:

  • I don't have a Creed currently
  • It smells amazing
  • It is reported to get major compliments
  • It's a legendary niche brand
  • It's handmade by French artisans
  • It works in all settings

The Case For The Eames Chair:

  • I don't have a chair in my bedroom
  • I love midcentury modern andHerman Miller products
  • I already get tons of compliments on Straight to Heaven, which I already own
  • Charles & Ray Eames were legendary designers
  • It's handmade in Michigan
  • It looks good with just about everything

Vote now, and feel free to leave comments. (I also put in a write-in option in case you have another suggestion.)