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Hey ladies,


How are you ?


I need a little from you all, my Lady really loves perfumes on me, 

her favourites being L'instant extreme, Armani's sport code, Muglers

Pure malt and Issey's L'eau D'Issey.


All she wears is a bottle of gucci premiere and Versace's bright crystal

and doesnt have any more.

I had a couple of savings lined up to by myself a new perfume, instead

I thought why not buy her something nice and classy ?


Now I have short listed,


Guerlains la petite robe noir EDP


Chanel's No 5 EDP


Chanel's Coco EDP


Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle EDP


Guerlain Shalimar EDP


The criteria being, I want to gift her something heavy with some good


Something that oozes of class and sophistication.

Something that would light up her face with a smile.


Is there anyway you ladies could suggest me some perfume that tangents

what she likes on me, currently has, and  I have short listed ?

It would be amazing if you experienced heavenly smelling beauties could

nudge her in the right direction.


Suggestions not mentioned above are also welcome.


Thank you for your precious time and have a good day,