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hello everyone

I believe that most of us encounter fluctuating levels of love towards a fragrance. in some cases, we might even dislike a fragrance after loving it or love it after first hating it. for me personally, the level of love to my fragrances is almost always in a downward trend for various possible reasons:

1- getting bored of the fragrance due to overuse.

2- using the fragrance in occasions or environments that are not very favorable or pleasant to reflect on e.g. workplace. that's why i try not to use my favorite fragrances in workplace.

3- change in the taste for fragrances due to the evolution of the sense of smell.

additionally, although i have sampled more than a hundred fragrances i have not yet come across a fragrance that made me absolutely love it from the first sniff or gave me that extreme "wow" feeling. have you?

what are your most consistently loved fragrances that have overcome all the possible causes for change?