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I had sniffed their fragrances at Pitti (Florence) and they were really interesting. They aren't easy to find, even in Europe. They've a long catalogue with fragrances of all kinds, from the house to the perfumes in all concentrations (EdC -EdT - EdP - Parf).

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I tried in a shop in Milàn: Tubereuse N.XV an elegant-green tuberose with broad; nuances of galbanum, lymph and coconut. Papiers N.VII the smell of paper of an ancient book with touches of leather (very soft). Davanah N.XXIX very fruity but natural, with all the vegetable component, without bubblegum/sugar/vanille/cumarinecumarinecumarine.

I would like to smell Santalum, Spirituelle Verte, Asphalte, Humus, Lotus Bleu, Vetyver, Lava Nobile... etx etx... Have You had experience on these? Even their website is "Under Construction".