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I´d like to propose the use of software and hardware as useful terms for a fragance´s description. The software is the recipe with all its nuances. The hardware is the set of ingredients to run that recipe. The balance between both is crucial in every art. Thanks to hardware an olfactory idea becomes sillage and longevity.


I was reading about Leonardo da Vinci. This genius faced many times the imbalance between software (great pictorical and scultorrical ideas) and lack of proper hardware (paints, surfaces, etc..)


Let me exemplify:


1.- Chanel Pour Monsieur.- Great software run with poor and unsupportive hardware.


2.- The same for Yatagan.- The idea is one of a genius but the juice doesn`t develop it.


3.- Halston Z-14.- Same author, the spirirt of an age, but nowadays that citrus openning is coarse, chemical, annoying.


4.- Creed Royal Oud.- The recipe is just nice: menty, anisic, but the hardware makes it memorable, adding light and volume.


Do you agree?


Could you mention more cases?