NEW Bond - Harrods Agarwood

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    5/30/13 at 6:13pm

    SculptureOfSoul said:

    I'm excited about this as the Harrods Oud scents have both been fantastic!

    Info taken from the Bond UK Facebook page:

    The scent opens with nutmeg, black tea and delicately sweet saffron. These notes mingle and tickle the heart of the scent consisting of patchouli, suede accord and violet. The base of the scent is one of the most decadent we have ever had, lashings of agarwood, amber, sandalwood and musk.

    Harrods Agarwood is delectably abundant with warm, radiating ingredients you will enjoy hour after hour."



    5/30/13 at 6:21pm

    butterblades said:

    This could be interesting!

    5/30/13 at 6:21pm

    butterblades said:

    This could be interesting!

    5/30/13 at 7:54pm

    hednic said:

    Excited for others, but for me a pass.

    5/30/13 at 8:18pm

    Tony T said:

    looking forward to sampling this and the other harrod's as well

    5/30/13 at 9:18pm

    Buzzlepuff said:

    sounds great!  I would love to sample this.

    5/30/13 at 11:11pm

    vinramani09 said:

    Bond is releasing fragrances every 2 months lol. This looks interesting, but the vast majority of Bond no 9 are not to my liking , save for New york Oud.

    5/31/13 at 12:38am

    hedonist222 said:

    Sounds very nice.

    5/31/13 at 3:54am

    dougczar said:

    Excellent news - Will definitely be seeking this one out

    5/31/13 at 3:59am

    Trebor said:

    Pass but thanks for the information.

    5/31/13 at 4:14am

    Jack Hunter said:

    The notes look great but I have yet to be compelled to purchase a Bond No 9 fragrance.

    5/31/13 at 6:46am

    HackerX said:

    If it's nearly as good as Harrod's Oud It might warrant a purchase from me.

    5/31/13 at 6:55am

    SculptureOfSoul said:

    For those who haven't tried it, you should check out Harrods Oud Patchouli. It's a rich floral oud but with the twist of wine/grapes (from the davana) and dark leather, burned myrrh and patchouli, which combined with the oud gives a sort of burned wood effect. It's very Amouage-esque. I find it to be a more feminine and floral take on something like Tribute, but still unisex overall.

    5/31/13 at 6:58am

    frostyicy said:

    Black tea, musk and violet sounds very interesting....


    GPH II has black tea, musk and violet leaf.



    I'll definitely give it a sample, I am in the minority of the individuals that actually enjoy a few of Bond no.9 offerings. SOTD: Coney Island cool.gif

    5/31/13 at 7:03am

    SculptureOfSoul said:

    At least it's not another rose/oud offering!

    To be honest, all of the Bond oud scents have been far more innovative than most houses' oud releases. NY Oud was the only traditional rose/oud scent but even so, the plum really set that one apart.