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Antaeus by Chanel is one of the best examples of "castoreum-based" perfumes...until it was replaced by synthetic substitute

(during year 1999 Chanel stopped use of Civet, and probably Castoreum, too. From 2000 to 2009 Antaeus was barely acceptable, and very different from earlier versions.

Since 2010...I don't ever want to know how it smells now)


However, many people seem puzzled by old bottles because Chanel recycle batch codes every decade. 

Luckily, there is a way to solve the puzzle :)

In brief, bottles from Eighties were different from Nineties ones, and these different from 2000 ones.

Juice from '80 and '90 smells superb, so it is not important to detect if '80 or '90, it only for curiosity. Probably the '80 bottles have matured more and are a bit heavier. But, the most important thing is: "Antaeus, before 2000".





have the indication Eau de toilette or After Shave (apres rasage) immediately ABOVE the word CHANEL.


and, more specifically:

Bottles from the EIGHTIES have NO INDICATION of quantity in front of the box.

Bottles from NINETIES have indication of Fl.Oz / ml. in front of the box



In the rear of the box, bottles from EIGHTIES have no barcode.




Bottles from '80 and '90 look identical, how can you detect without the box?



you have to check the bottom of the bottles: '80 bottles have a lettering in the middle of the glass. The '90, have the lettering on the edges.



and now enjoy you vintage bottle of ANTAEUS !! thumbsup.gif

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