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My Mom has requested a gardenia fragrance. I remember years ago as a child she used to wear the classic "Jungle Gardenia". A very dramatic elixir with a tropical lushness running through it, but as a child, she smelled otherworldly, larger than life and carried herself so confidently enveloped in it. I came to associate her with that fragrance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

I want to give her a gardenia fragrance that represents a women that is chic, elusive and smoldering and yet when she wears it she will think of me, her baby boy.

Gardenias are elusive in that their heady fragrance cannot be accurately and abundantly extracted from the waxy petals. Therefore, ingenious recreations should come to play, trying to replicate the smell. IMO, most compositions named "gardenia" smell anything but.

From the fragrances listed, which do you think best replicates the gardenia and would is suggestive of the women I described? If you notice one that is discontinued, let me know because I am not a fan of gardenia and don't wear any of these. Also, money is no object, if you have a better suggestion.


Guerlain "Cruel Gardenia"

Ineke "Hothouse Flower"

Pamouge "Isabey Gardenia"

Van Cleef & Arpels "Gardenia Petale"

Estee Lauder Private Collection "Tuberose Gardenia"

Serge Lutens "Une Voix Noire"

Annick Goutal "Un Matin d' Orage"

Jar Jardenia

Ajne Fleur Blanche

Kai by Kai

M. Micallef "Gardenia"

Versace "Crystal Noir"