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Just saw this on Fragrantica


Shanghai Lily:  a glamorous, elegant floral-oriental fragrance that recalls the rare and opulent ingredients once transported on the historic Silk Route. Shanghai Lily tempts with warm spices, floral notes, vanilla and frankincense.

Plum Japonais: beautiful ume plum is contrasted by an unusual blend of exotic asian ingredients, making Plum Japonais an irresitible and complex fragrance

Fleur de Chine: the precious bouquet of Fleur de Chine combines Asian flowers such as hualan and star magnolia for a seductive and haunting floral fragrance with a nod to the classic scents of years past.

Rive d’Ambre: Tom Ford's newest take on the classic eau de cologne, Rive d'Ambre seduces with citrus fruits (regarded as a talisman of good luck in Asia) atop a warm amber base.