A Half GALLON of Jolie Madame??? Anyone ever seen this before?

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    6/1/13 at 10:48am

    Cook.bot said:

    I never heard of "fountain" style gallons of perfume concentrate... has anyone ever seen this before?




    The seller's story sounds plausible... but still -- wow.


    Does this mean that department stores, like the (now defunct) Roos Atkins she mentions, used to bottle their own frags?

    6/1/13 at 10:54am

    donna255 said:

    That is awesome!!!!!!!


    Makes me think of coke concentrate where they add water as you buy by the cup full.

    6/1/13 at 10:54am

    donna255 said:

    That is awesome!!!!!!!


    Makes me think of coke concentrate where they add water as you buy by the cup full.

    6/1/13 at 3:51pm

    cacio said:

    Woa... quite a big amount. If it's the real stuff and is in good state, quite a thing!. Interesting that the instruction ask for dilution in water, not alcohol. I wonder what type of product that was. Not a perfume in the usual sense.



    6/1/13 at 4:27pm

    SlimWhiteAnimal said:

    I agree the diluting with water is odd, Cacio. I would think that dilution with that much water would make things precipitate out.

    6/1/13 at 4:29pm

    lpp said:

    Where's David Ruskin?

    6/1/13 at 6:00pm

    Tony T said:

    interesting andweird. over 40 years old?

    6/2/13 at 2:34am

    lpp said:

    I have some perfectly fine bottles of that vintage - but they have been cared for and stored well.

    I have also bought some pretty rank ones and some decent ones secondhand.


    It may possibly have come from a bottling plant, or a shop that filled their own bottles.

    6/2/13 at 3:41pm

    vmarshmellow said:

    I don't remember the details but I know at one time, perfumes were sent in a concentrate form from France to the us and then diluted in the us at a factory. There was some kind of import tax or rule regarding the alcohol I believe. I want to say it was during the WWII era.


    I wonder if this bottle could be from that time? What does not make sense to me is that if you dilute it with water you could easily add impurities. One would think that it would be diluted with some water and some alcohol.

    6/2/13 at 3:43pm

    vmarshmellow said:

    I just read the ebay story so it seems to be from after the time when perfumes were sent here in concentrate.

    6/2/13 at 6:07pm

    LiliB said:

    Bizarre and to my mind, questionable. Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole

    6/2/13 at 7:08pm

    Primrose said:

    I recall a woman almost 20 years ago working for a perfume marketing company decanting about 100 ml of EDP for me.  It must have been out of one of these containers.

    6/3/13 at 6:46am

    BelleBeryl said:

    Lovely find great bottle.

    6/3/13 at 7:50am

    kumquat said:

    Hmmmm, peculiar. So strange you add water? Who knew?

    6/3/13 at 8:29am

    Cook.bot said:

    update:  When I clicked the abbreviated ebay link above, I got an "Item Removed" page.  But it's still there... the full text link is: