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No, there's no typo in the title (and I am not a "TeaPartier" either, for those who know the American south). Today was a day I was reminded why I got addicted to this [fragrance] hobby and "God" was in the title of two of my main purchases today.

I went to the local mall to pickup a copy of Playstation 3's "God of War 3" when I just happened to pass by the high-traffic and cramped LUSH store. LUSH stores have always seemed to me to be the antidote to Abercrombie stores - their more natural aromas neutralizing the intense synthetics of A&F stores polluting mall floors. Eitherways I saw that they had a bunch of fragrances stowed away in the corner (behind the checkout register!) and the names seemed interesting enough..Karma, Breath of God, etc. One swipe of my smartphone and I pulled up a bunch of reviews and saw that Turin had raved about Breath of God and by God, that was the one I ended up spraying on my wrist.

And I was pleasantly surprised. No, impressed actually. A smoky, incensy, damp, slightly citrusy opening...definitely "niche" and arresting, Bleu de Chanel this is not. A transformation into a clean, woody, drydown of finely rendered suave vetiver with slight bitter and green accents. Its like Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire with more arresting top notes and a less fuzzy vetiver presentation. I also tried the solid roll-on but it seemed like a waste...the actual fragrance content in it was very very light.

A fine find in most unusual of places. I am curious to learn more about Simon Constantines other creations.