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Yes, more Aventus threads. This should get the comments flowing.

Personally I don't think Aventus is the best Creed. It's a really good fragrance and I like it a lot, but it's not THE definitive Creed. It's my pet peeve when people recommend just Aventus as if there's no debate (but everyone is entitled to their opinion). I'm guessing the love for Aventus is from a lot of the people who don't like the lightness and subtle performance of most Creeds.

IMO, so far, I can't think of a #1 Creed that's better than the others. I think all the men's Creeds have something to offer and while each has its own strengths. And it depends on the say. Some days, I love Aventus, but other days not really. While Aventus is superior to all Creeds in some aspects, it doesn't overshadow them in most or all. Aventus does have flaws, such as being too strong, overwhelming, and the anosmia

IMO, Aventus is probably in the top 5 Creeds, but it's definitely not #1, at least to me.