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Hey everyone, so I was walking through a small mall near where I live and noticed a little perfume shop. So I looked around and they had quite a few harder to find frags that I have heard about around here and I was wondering what you think I should get. I can't sample them and I know I should before buying but I don't mind a little risk. I have read up on them and they all seem to be up my alley though. So here are the ones that popped out, please share your opinions on them.

Insense - Givenchy ~$40/(half size, 50ml?)
Gucci pour homme original 1976 ~$39/30ml

Also saw a pure malt for $105, not a great price as compared to online shops but I'd rather get it in the brick and morter store, so should I get the two small vintage bottles or the pure malt? Thanks for your thoughts guys!