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One can only marvel at the sheer level of activity at Comme des Garçons Parfums these days. They've been really eager to release new fragrances all the time these last few years, and now - with Black having still barely reached retailers - they're putting out new lighter EdT versions (apparently 10% concentration) of 2007's Luxe EdP series (Patchouli and Champaca).

According to StyleZeitgeist and a number of blogs and retailers' websites, the "two new fragrances have been added to the LUXE collection, taking the original scents and tweaking the concept for a more ethereal affair."

I own and very much enjoy the EdP Patchouli, so I'm curious to find out how that very rich, deep and heavy scent is going to perform in a "lighter format". It seems the new EdTs came out already last month - has anyone had a chance to try them and compare the new concentration to the 2007 EdPs?