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Creed batch variations, to me at least, aren't a problem. And I think many people worry too much about it when they buy it. Sure, we are all different, but I'd say for most people, the difference is miniscule.

I've tried several different batches of SMW, GIT, Aventus, OS and MI. I did detect some minor differences, but they were overall the same and if nobody mentioned the concept of batch variations, I probably wouldn't have noticed myself. Also, they all dry down the way they are supposed to dry down anyway, despite slight differences in opening. I'd say most batches are 95-99% the same. Some batches are slightly better, but it's not a huge deal.

It's just like any other hobby. For example, most people buying a computer shouldn't care whether it had 6 gigabytes of RAM or 6.5 gigabytes of RAM. And most debates about the accuracy of similar guns aren't really practical. The craze over batch variations and which batch is the best is largely just academic exercise.