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A month and a half ago when I first really got into the fragrance game I never would have really considered a unisex scent, let alone a feminine one. I was all about my scents being "pour homme."


Now, I proudly say that one of my all time favorites is the Shalimar EdP, and the rose note in Black Aoud is one of the best parts of any fragrance in my book.


I've also come to recognize that some "femme" scents are a lot more masculine than many masculine scents. 


So where do you draw the line? what quality in a scent makes it just too girly for you? I used to think it was floral notes but after smelling the rose in Black Aoud, and Le Labo's Rose (which I fully intend to buy) I'm not so sure anymore. Frankly the only unisex scent I've ever truly written off as being too femminine for me was CdG 2.