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I enjoyed a lot with DiCaprio’s rendering of Gatsby. But the movie was not, IMO, a good one: a lot of rush, noise, razzle-dazzle, no hues, void iteration and no space in the pastiche to behold the deepness of Fitzgerald´s view of humanity, love and society. A failure.


Anyway… Daisy say to JG ‘You smell so good’.


The idea of this thread is to find some frags that fits Gatsby; quite a symbolic guy.


(Modern frags are of course welcomed as Jay-Z provided the soundtrack!)


I would say (I have some blanks):


  • Chanel PM: Lofty feelings, untainted heart.


  • Derby: The green light…


  • ?: Self made millionaire.


  • ?: he dresses in pink.


  • Aventus: Newly rich.


Please help me!