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I know Bond No.9 gets A LOT OF HATE here on Basenote, and to some extent I see why happy.gif

* The owner used to work for Creed, and it shows very clearly in a lot of their fragrances
* Their originality is close to ZERO, only a few select of them are really original and stands out
* They are arguably overpriced for what is inside the bottles

In defense of Bond No.9 I would say that a lot of other niche brands IMHO are even more overpriced for what juice you get - By Killian is over priced, Amouage is overpriced, Xerjoff is overpriced and I could name a few other brands that IMHO are overpriced as well cool.gif

Still I enjoy a couple of the Amouage, a couple of the Xerjoff and one By Killian highly (Back to Black)

I also admit that I love my Bond No.9's - also because they all seem to last at least 6-8 hours on my skin, some even 10-12 hours solid, and when I pay in excess of $100 for a bottle of juice, I expect solid longevity when they call 'Eau de Parfum' - sure the frags I use before I go to bed don't need to last that long, but I like when I can smell them when I wake up 6-7 hours later in the morning. Bond frags do this on my skin.
Riverside Drive is a wet herby fresh clean smelling frag, that last 10-12 hours on my skin and I enjoy the dry down of it.

Coney Island is a fresh gourmand like frag that gives me 8 hours solid.

Chez Bond gives me at least 10 hours longevity and nice projection.

I do feel the Bond's should cost more like what you pay for Dior and Chanel, but as long as you buy it at one of the reputable online resellers, you can get them for close to $120-140 for a 100 ml bottle. I can live with that price.

My Bond No.9 haul today was all about getting the bottles I missed in my collection.
So I bought my Top 8 Bond's in 100 ml bottles:

1. New Haarlem
2. Silver Factory
3. Riverside Drive
4. Bleecker Street
5. Hamptons
6. Coney Island
7. Chez Bond
8. Montauk

Got a fair 10% discount and free shipping from
Also added a bottle of Lutens Chergui, Eau de Rochas, D&G Light Blue Stromboli, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Tom Ford For Men Original, D&G Light Blue Original, Creed VIW, Creed Original Vetiver, Creed Erolfa & finally a bottle of Atelier Vetiver Fatale.

Nice haul, my wallet hurts though lipsrsealed.gif