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Hello, dear friends -

I've been off the BN board for more than two years, going to grad school. But as of yesterday, *I AM DONE!!!* In August I will walk at graduation (with one kid in†college and two more close behind)†to recieve an MBA with dual concentrations in Marketing & Healthcare Management. Woo-HOO!!! Yesterday my darling husband gifted me with "Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry"†as a graduation present†(Did I marry the right guy, or what?).

So, now I'm looking to "catch up" on what†I've missed over the past couple of years that I should've known about.†And I want you, my BN family, to recommend me some fragrances. I may buy a†bottle or two, or I may go into sample overload†while I pay off loans, but I want to be updated, please!!!

For those who don't know me, take a look at my (embarrassment of riches) collection, which has been described as "confusing" because I don't tend to like any single particular kind of scent... Or see below for what I've figured out about myself, depending on the day or phases of the moon:

  • I love aldehydes
  • I love incense
  • Spices (other than cumin) in perfume make me very happy, especially cardamom, pepper, ginger and cinnamon
  • Ditto woods and leather.
  • Traditionally "masculine" fragrances work just fine on me
  • Florals are also a delight†- though white flowers tend to be†problematic on my skin. Jasmine I may be able to handle, but unfortunately not gardenia. Iris, osmanthus, geranium, rose? Yes times four!
  • My favorite chypres are the deep, magically watery greens. Liz Zorn's "Underworld" is one of my HGs in this category.

Probably the only scent category I don't actively enjoy is fruity. Though the plums of Guerlain's Parure, the peach-fuzz in Daim Blond and Mitsouko, and the blood orange notes in Keiko Mecheri's Scarlett... All owned and loved by me, send that theory right out the window.

Anyhow, please recommend away, and I'm SO glad to be 'home'!