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One of the first fragrances I ever bought for myself was a bottle of Dior Homme because a family member wore it and I really enjoyed it's unique smell, this would have been about three years ago.

Since then I've tested dozens of fragrances but always wanted to purchase another bottle of Dior Homme, so I did.

I'm not too bothered that my bottle is not the vintage one I'm guessing I used to own because the chances of an online retailer having three year old+ stock is highly unlikely. I know mine is not vintage based on the code (1T03 = June 2011) and also the stem is black. However I noticed people on here talking about a black or silver collar that can identify the formulation?

Now forgive me for my ignorance, but I have no idea what people mean by the collar of a fragrance? I'm guessing it's the circular bit that sits directly on top of the glass when you take the lid off?

I've uploaded some photos of my bottle, I was wondering if someone could identify what the collar is, because if I am right and it is the silver metal bit (that has 'DIOR HOMME' engraved on it), then my bottle is neither the vintage silver collar and silver stem or a new one which apparently has a black collar as well as a black stem?

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