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Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would like to say many, many things, for one of the most exciting reviews ever, but I'll give room to pictures.

I searched the entire web, but pictures of this perfume are very rare or simply missing.Maybe it is the first time it's depicted so extensively.

It's one of the rarest perfumes ever, it was a big commercial failure , but produced in very small quantities by willing of Hubertus de Givenchy himself, who used it, and did not want to discontinue "the best vetiver scent in the world". Created by Hubertus de Givenchy himself as a nose, and produced from 1959 to 1995 in very few bottles - and in production only not to give a displeasure to its creator- in production "until I'll be involved in fashion", then discontinued when he retired, in 1995.

These bottle were stored for decades in a shoe box (lol!) and are PERFECT. Boxes are new, without a smear.

Absolutely out-of-factory condition. Juice really clear, and undescribable scent. Sillage? monstrous.

Probably years 1965-1970.

While Vetyver de Carven was a "fresh" vetyver, and Guerlain a "sweet" one, this Vetyver de Givenchy was a DARK one. very dark, without any small hint of sweetness. Pure dark, high-masculine.

Many estatic reviews on the net, simply go and surf for "Eau de Vetyver de Givenchy vintage"

When you are in front of such Masterpiece, you should only stay in adoration!


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