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I've been craving a new bottle of my favorite scent, Platinum Egoiste. However, money has been tight... and I'm determined for my next purchase to be a 3.4 oz.

So, I took a chance on the $18 "impression" version from an Amazon seller... knowing that it would probably be a complete disappointment.

While it doesn't replace PE, I am pleasantly surprised!

The sharp citrus top notes of the original are completely missed, replaced by a strong scent of alcohol. Within a few minutes it jumps right into a softer version of the familiar middle notes of PE. It plays closer to the skin, but there is still sillage. It leans in a slightly more synthetic, barbershop direction than the original... which I honestly do not mind at all, that aspect being a big reason I like the original... and it's also not an issue considering this version doesn't have too much of a bite, making those more synthetic notes pleasing to the nose. Projection is average (nowhere near the original), however I did receive comments that I smelled very nice throughout the day. I caught whiffs of it for a good 6 hours, after which point it was almost completely gone. Still, longer than I expected.

I would honestly say I might hang onto this, and use it once in awhile, even after I purchase my 3.4 oz of PE. It's like owning a different, lighter "take" on the scent, and I can douse it on without being worried about over-spraying or wasting money.

I thought this might be helpful for anyone in the same boat as myself. Comments are welcome!