Non Japanese Incense Discussion

    Non Japanese Incense Discussion

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    Figured I'd make a non Japanese incense discussion.
    Feel free to kick it off! smile.gif
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    time to make your own nerikohs~

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    Kyarazen :-)


    Yes... Yes i do lol


    It could be a bit expensive though kinda rough for me now but when i get more $ i'll give it a whirl. I have a few things in line to get first before i get ingredients to make Nerikohs. But,yes i've been pondering on that for awhile (Nerikoh,Bakhoor creation) too. 

    Boy i miss the Akhi Simons Bakhoors they are works of art. Very very nice. Have you tried themi?

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    yes, i've tried simon's cracked earth (gift from a kind person), 


    on low heat, i.e. 2 x 0.1mm mica sheets, the smell of the frankincense and sandalwood mix was lovely! it was almost like some aged mandarin orange peel and light gingery notes coming out.. :)

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    Tried Various blends from Nature Nature Incense.
    Very good. My favorite ones are the Greek,Roman,Egyptian,Bethlehem,Jerusalem,Piñon,Myrrh Pure, Frankincense Pure,
    These are better than the other resin on a stick products that I've tried in the past from other brands. also like the fact that the bamboo core sticks are way thinner than other resin on a stick brands.

    These are a must try especially for Bakhoor lovers.
    Here's the link:

    The carries these also. In sampler packs too.
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    Burning Now :-)

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    I posted awhile back wanting to find a non synthetic incense like Comme des Garcons Incense Series fragrances Well this may be a good place to start:

    The Three Kings Pontifical blend is said to be used at Basilicas in Italy. There's also a Vatican blend and a third blend also.

    Also maybe the French one smells like Avignon :-0 hopefully one of the two smell like Avignon lol (Three Kings Pontifical blend & french one)

    Ill have to look into these in the future figured I'd let my CdG incense series lovers know about these I believe there's no chemicals in these incenses either,only pure resins & oils used.
    If anyone tries before me please give a review
    There's different brands among three kings on this site too.

    UPDATE: found more varieties here:
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    There's many different types of incenses in this genre I guess there's some sites here:

    I blame the CdG incense series lol for my curiousity with these now... I'm shocked it hasn't sparked any curiousity on Basenotes so far lol
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    Tibetan Monastery Incense By Mandala Trading.





    I have purchased two boxes after finding a very good deal on them on ebay. I am used to Indian & Japanese incense and the TMI is the first Tibetan incense I have experienced and here are my first impressions.

    Woooaahh this is totally alien to my nose, I have never experienced anything so organic and earthy. It smells like peat and raw leather to my nose.

    I swear I can also smell cumin which is the spice that gives off that BO smell but with coupled with a slight uplifting note. It is quite complex and you can tell the ingredients are pure as this smells like mother nature, no synthetics here. It’s not bad just very different, you would have to come to these with a open mind.


    After trying a second stick it was a lot better as I was picking up more spices that were more pleasant but I think I will have to burn these in my study by myself or I may be thrown out of my home by my girlfriend. 

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    Haha - are they smoky ones?

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    lol.... They are not that bad, I would say about the same as the Indian brands for the smoke. But maannn is it pungent, my lounge and every room smells like I have been burning compost. They are so alien smelling and very organic, I think I'm going to stick to the Japanese and Indian variety in future. 


    On another note I was wondering if you have tried Golden Champa by pure incense as I have not tried a nag chample incense as yet and was wondering if it was worth it?

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    Don't remember trying the Golden Champa - is that a newish one?


    Some of the 'Tibetan' ones are a little compost-ish - the Sorig ones are a much better quality than the others that I've tried - the Zimpoe apparently have sandalwood & rose, so I will investigate others soon.

    There appear to be Bhutanese ones available too.

    The Mandala ones here (saffron) are made in Nepal and the saffron is evident amongst the other ingredients but unlike any Indian champa that I've tried.


    There's a 'Resin of Purification'  being made with ginger & pine, amongst other things, which sounds worth trying too.


    Can you tell which Monastery those were made at, Jack?

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    No the champa is a old one, may try that one.


    On the box of the Tibetan incense it says its made in Nepal by the Mandala Trading Company to the precise and complicated formulations directly prescribed by the Adviser of Tibetan Medicine. It does not mention any name of a specific monastery, maybe they make it for them.


    I guess it's not meant for burning around the home but in massive cold stone monastery's up high in the mountains where the smell of goats and horses is a healthy smell. And maybe this incense just reflects the peoples close relationship with nature where certain smells are just natural to them where to us they are strange and icky. 

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    Good point, Jack - the Sorig and some others appear to make much use of local herbs and plants, together with sandalwood in some varieties.

    Definitely more reading needed, although I intend to explore more as the Sorig ones are definitely growing on me now!

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    Did you check out that incense holder, let me remind




    Apparently you put the incense stick underneath in the holder and the smoke comes out of the holes in the Ent like tree creature. What do you think?, I think it would go well with those Sorig sticks you were talking about. A step even closer to mother nature. lol

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    Scary - wonder if you could put a lightbulb inside ?

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