Refillable fragrance bottle/flacon.

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    6/6/13 at 10:13am

    TheBlackAdonis said:

    I'd like a list of names of fragrance bottles/flacons that are easy to open/refillable.

    The only one I'm aware of is A*Men for women (I think, Eve Mendes was the spokesmodel and she was holding a star-shaped flacon).

    Anyways, the reason why I'd like a list is cuz I am making my own oils (soon to be fragrance with the help of Everclear).

    All the "perfume bottles" are excessively cheap looking.

    I'd really love to put my custom fragrances in a bottle to display on my closet self.

    Not to show off really, but for my own satisfaction, I guess. Lol.

    All help and suggestions appreciated!

    6/6/13 at 10:17am

    badarun said:

    All maitre parfumeur et gantier, annick goutal, serge lutens come in screw type spray dispenser which is easy to open... Is this what you are looking for?

    6/6/13 at 1:30pm

    TheBlackAdonis said:

    Yes, thank you! I'll look at their bottles, thank you!

    Also, it was ANGEL for WOMEN by Theirry Mugler. :)

    not A*MEN for women hahaa

    6/6/13 at 2:57pm

    hednic said:

    Atelier Cologne also comes with screw on spray atomizers (at least the 200ml bottles)

    6/6/13 at 3:21pm

    hedonist222 said:

    Miller Harris too.

    6/8/13 at 2:18am

    Paradeiserl said:

    99 % of flacons of Fragonard are refill bottles.

    And the same on

    Taylor of Old Bond Street

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    6/8/13 at 6:49am

    PalmBeach said:

    By Kilian and Profumum.

    6/8/13 at 11:56am

    Graphite said:

    The L'Art et la Matière series by Guerlain.

    6/8/13 at 2:28pm

    mccann690 said:

    The Dior Homme bottle are fairly easy to take apart

    6/13/13 at 8:21pm

    hednic said:

    The Voyage D'Hermes EDP in black also has a screw on atomizer making it to refill.

    6/15/13 at 4:48pm

    L'eaulita said:

    What about finding some nice fancy empty bottles? Just google "perfume atomizers" and that should get you started.

    6/21/13 at 1:13am

    Paradeiserl said:

    ... all flacons of in 2009 new introduced† ACQUA COLONIA by 4711

    6/21/13 at 9:15am

    juanderer said:

    Ramon Monegal.

    6/21/13 at 9:42am

    chypre said:

    Originally Posted by ParadeiserlView Post

    ... all flacons of in 2009 new introduced† ACQUA COLONIA by 4711

    Ooh, good one, I never knew they were convertible splash/sprays (I've only seen them as spray testers). Might get one for summmer.

    Adding Santa Maria Novella.

    6/22/13 at 8:39am

    Beftus said:

    L'Occitane bottles too.

    6/23/13 at 9:53am

    hednic said:

    Original line of Phaedon bottles also.

    9/28/13 at 5:43am

    mihailo said:

    Mugler Cologne 100ml bottle has a screw

    9/28/13 at 7:24am

    Next said:

    CK One Summer bottles (100ml).

    I have a couple of them and they all come with a screw on cap (to splash) and a screw on atomizer (to spray).

    I think this is true for†CK One and CK Be.