SOTD - Friday 7th June 2013

    Notice about Huddler changeover here373115

    6/7/13 at 3:56am

    teardrop said:

    Morning all!


    l was planning a day in the garden today, but woke to heavy rain & thunderstorms, which weren't forecast as far as l know! So l'm indoors, sampling Good Girl Gone Bad by By Kilian.


    Happy Friday, everyone!

    6/7/13 at 3:59am

    Sapfir said:

    In sync with Silver Musk by Nasomatto.

    Good friday to everyone!

    6/7/13 at 3:59am

    Sapfir said:

    In sync with Silver Musk by Nasomatto.

    Good friday to everyone!

    6/7/13 at 4:15am

    tdem1961 said:

    Hello and happy Friday!

    Chanel #5 vintage edc for me today.

    Best to all.

    6/7/13 at 4:21am

    ROBERTO said:



    6/7/13 at 4:54am

    Graphite said:

    Gianni Campagna Bergamotto

    6/7/13 at 5:12am

    JON RODGERS said:

    Good afternoon all. This new set-up will end up driving me absolutely mad. Why can I no longer post images ? - tried every available option and whenever I hit "submit" everything locks and refuses to respond. Been this way since yesterday evening, and is doubly annoying when no-one else seems to be having any trouble whatsoever. I'm not doing anything different and have had no issues up to now so what the hell is going on ?. Also noticed that new message alerts have stopped too.



    SotD is Coromandel.



    Mood of the day is frustration mad.gif

    6/7/13 at 5:21am

    easyfish said:

    6/7/13 at 5:24am

    Evangeline said:

    Good morning, everyone! smile.gif


    I'm watching the pros at work (and I'm fine with either a Nadal or Djokovic win - love 'em both - I'm just here for excellent tennis) and wearing my "Beach Chanel" - the beautiful, softly tropical and utterly charming, anything but beige Beige. Y'all have a fantastic day!





    Oh no, Jon - how  annoying! I understand your frustration and I'm so sorry the new-fangled BN is cramping your style, but please don't let it get the best of you. I'm sure things will be sorted out, and I hope you stick it out in the meantime ...I'm just glad to have you here, pics or no. xoxo

    6/7/13 at 5:24am

    sfmedusa said:

    Today picture me sitting very upright in a brand new full torso compression vest- couldn't slouch if I wanted to.  Still, I suppose NHS compression garments are cheaper than Spanx smiley.gif


    I'm accompanying my compression garments with Prada L'Eau Ambree.

    6/7/13 at 5:42am

    Twolf said:

    Jon, I hear, hear, hear you!  Things will get worse before they get better, usually.  They will get better, though, since they can't get much worse.  That's that! (to quote ExtremeK from last night's ramblings). Look at me:  I am back, with my previous charmingly critical self and all.  Love and hugs to you. 


    Very glad to see my young and handsome brother Magnifiscent posting again here on the ladies' side. 


    Hugs to sfmedusa. I admire your poise. Let me sit close to you and sniff you all over.


    The sync today is the scent resembling your own natural smell.  I do not smell of flowers, naturally, neither do I tolerate too much animalic sweaty elements, so the choice is -- with a nod to kalli and PL last night -- to smell of honey.  There's that! (ExtremeK again).  Ungaro Diva, that I am.  


    Love to cello and Evangeline, just because.


    And, finally, Happy Birthday to Alicka.


    6/7/13 at 5:49am

    sfmedusa said:

    *wafts elbow crease in Twolf's general direction*   smiley.gif


    I did consider joining in with the synchronised Friday this week, but despite standing in front of the perfume cupboard for about half an hour, I couldn't find any sour and fusty scents.  The closest I could have got was Tabu, but that's just because it's animalic.  It doesn't smell anything like me and my natural scent is not something that I find at all pleasant so I wouldn't want to accent it at all.

    6/7/13 at 6:02am

    Robin-in-FL said:

    Good morning good smelling ones.


    SFMedusa, somehow I picture you in a full-on, stiff boned, black lace-up corset as a compression garment...


    I am in both Jailia and mango body lotion so very very fruity sunny happy smelling for Friday.

    6/7/13 at 6:19am

    ErinK said:

    Jon , I feel your pain. I am unable to format my posts AT ALL from my work computer. All I get is an empty box to type in with no formatting options. I am stuck with my most basic knowledge of manual html formatting. Which means posting takes FOREVER and I need a Xanax when I'm done.

    My sync scent is Prada Infusion d'Iris. I have worn this so, so much over the past five years that I associate it as being my natural smell. If only it really was!

    6/7/13 at 6:20am

    elizrj said:

    I have NO idea what my natural skin smell is.  I only figure that out when it gets bad... like the next morning after a garlic fest, or after working all day in the garden... and I cannot imagine it would be a good thing to subject people at work to.  ;)


    So today I'm working through my sample stockpile from basenoters ... LesNez Manoumalia.  Lots of beautiful lush flowers.  Not sure this one is entirely me, but it's definitely interesting. 


    Soooooooo, you all are killing me with this Diptyque sale.  I have had a brief sampli