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Only tried a couple of them years ago and read a lot about them. Time to form an opinion for myself smiley.gif

Fragrances I like:

- Nasomatto Black Afgano (oriental, rich, just the right balance between sweet and dry)

- Kilian Amber Oud (quite simple, but just beautiful and well made)

- Creed Tabarome (summer, fresh, light)

- Tom Ford For Men (everyday fragrance, beautiful and well-made for the price)

- Davidoff Zino (love the dry down which lasts a long time on my skin)

- Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille (not in love with it like I used to be as it can be a bit too sweet and rich sometimes)

So which Bonds could be for me? Also, which ones should I stay away from? They just offer too many different ones...