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I approached this with apprehension. Partly because I wanted to love it and partly because I was afraid it'd turn out to less than spectacular.

Spectacular it is. I've been trying it secretly the past week.

It's complex.
Well blended.

Transitions from top to mid to base notes and from accord to accord effortlessly.
At no point is it sloppy or murky.

On a final note, I was wondering how the ambrox would influence it.
Would it be subtle or prominent?
Well, I'll say it gives the perfume a fresh modern facet without reducing from the concept: the traditional Mediterennean countryside

I am very close to getting a full bottle.

Top Notes
Clary Sage, Rose Bud, Fig, Mandarin tree Leaves
Heart Notes
Jasmine Marmalade, Lentisk, Violet
Base Notes
Pine Needles, Oak chips, Ambrox


Caligna – meaning to « court » in the local Provençal dialect – is in essence the story of an encounter with nature in this glorious part of France. This new woody-aromatic Eau de Parfum captures and brings to life different impressions of the Grasse countryside.
It evokes a warm breeze blowing over the land, a sense of freedom in the wild open spaces, a lightness of being with laughter echoing into the distance.

THE PERFUMER – Dora Baghriche -Arnaud

Growing up between the sounds and smells of the Mediterranean and the immense, regal avenues of Paris, capital of art and fashion, Dora Baghriche-Arnaud is the perfect illustration of a new generation of perfumers; natural, playful and sensitive to the world around her.