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L'Wren Scott is one of those designers who epitomizes elegance in addition to being a hard working businesswoman.  Her dresses look exquisite, in my opinion, as I like a sort of strict tailoring.  Strangely, I've never owned one and have never even tried one on.  The reason?  The reason is crazy.  She is extremely tall:  like several inches over 6 feet.  I'm petite, at 5 foot 2.  In my small and narrow mind, I think, "How in the world could a designer likely over a foot taller than me create anything that I could possibly wear?"  Silly.  After all, Karl is a man and goodness knows my mind has never questioned the logic of trying on anything he's designed.  My excitement, when I noticed her perfume at Barney's, was undoubtedly due to the fact that I was not intimidated to finally try on something from L'Wren! 


Initially, the smell hearkens back to a somewhat old fashioned chypre, albeit a mild one.  The smell out of the bottle is compelling.  The development, unfortunately, collapses into "non-descript" on me.  I am so very disappointed as it was truly promising at first spray.


I'd be interested to know what others' experiences have been with L'Wren EDP.