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I've noticed that it is surprisingly hard to get an impartial smell of your own cologne, how about you?

Many of us are reliant on a waved paper spray test to gauge a scent and only buy decants when there isn't a local outlet for whatever has our interest. But I have noticed that even when I wear a scent on my skin it is still so concentrated to my nose that I may not be getting what others around me are. This can make a surprising difference.

I wear my scent for me: but Im still surprised about how the better scents change according to so many variables. However, I think I may have found a way to get a third person perspective on this without troubling someone else: a lampshade.

In have some clothe lampshades throughout my place including on the area I store my main rotation of scent. Earlier today I put one spray on the shade, kept the light on to warm it, and left the room. A few minutes later I came back in and noticed I smelled something indistinct from about ten feet away. It didn't get distinctive until about two or so feet distance as I slowly came closer to the area. The lamps in my house remain very stationary and do not fan themselves: my only choice appears to be that the scent is responsible. The scent? Encre Noire.

My conclusions: the scent does project somewhat but because of its un-cologne like odor people may not recognize it. If there is a window open nearby people will likely assume its something outside.

I tried this yesterday on Roberto cavalli black: it projected about another foot or two more and dried down to some kind of fresh stone scent. It was completely gone from that shade within 24 hours.

So far it's the best way I have found to get some objectivity to this. Do any of you try things like this?