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Got a sample of this new fragrance called Grand Cuir from a very brand called Parfums Retro - yes that is the name, really. This is their only fragrance and I don't think they have even shipped their first bottle yet! But I'm in!

This is a fantastic leather fragrance - I think. I am smelling rawhide realism, aged lived-in character, depth of tone, highs and lows, cowboys, floral civilized character points, lots and lots of growl in here. Yes I am liking this leather sample. This is leather for big boys and girls! Don't even try it if you aren't ready for the real thing.

Luckyscent lists the notes as:Cistus-labdanum, birch tar, clary sage, orange flower, lavender, carnation, rose, violet leaf, geranium, cinnamon leaf oil, tarragon, pine moss, sandalwood, rosewood, patchouli, musk, rosewood.

Anyone else tried it? Reactions? Is this an illusion? Parfums Retro. Who are these guys?