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I would like to pickup a winter work scent that is classy but not offensive. I would like the longevity to be good but i dont want it to be a projection monster. Last winter i wore Richard James and Tom Ford for men Extreme. I felt the Richard James was a little too dapper and i love Tffm so much that i would wear it casually as well.

For work i lke fragrances to be a little on the austier side and not sweet, for instance my go-tos for other seasons are:

- summer/late spring: tom ford grey vetiver
-late winter/ early spring: polo modern reserve (but i wear this causually also)
- fall: hermes terre d'hermes

I recently picked up a vintage bottle of hermes bel ami and while i do reallylike it and will wear it to work, i think of it as more of a power meeting scent and dont want to waste it on an average day.

I had in mind Opus 1870 and encre noir. I used to have encre noir and also used to wear it to work but i got concerned that i smelled too mich lke burning leaves. I do love it though.

is Opus 1870 suitable for the office during the winter when it is really cold and possibly snowing? Any other suggestions?