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Vanille Absolument has risen in my repeated testings over the last week to become one of my absolute favorite fragrances (pun intended). I snatched up a bottle about a week ago from a song from a discounter that I'm convinced didn't realize what they were selling.

This is one offering from L'Artisan that seems to get relatively little love, even though with their line being as wide as it is I'd say that description could apply to a lot of their fragrances (next on my list is coeur de vetiver sacre which is being sold for the same very low price).

However, Vanille Absolument, which has become my favorite gourmand (though I wouldn't call it a gourmand, as sweet as it is I'd say it's almost an oriental), seems to be knocking on death's door. I heard rumors from the beginning of this year that it was getting discontinued.

It's the lowest listed fragrance on the L'artisan website (very bottom of the page) and although it's still available in 50 and 100mL sizes it's possible they're just selling off old stock before it goes the way of the dinosaur. This would also explain how it wound up on a discounter's shelf out in the open for $70.

Does anybody else have the same love (I'd say it's almost an addiction at this point) for this juice? and has anybody else heard of its discontinuation? because if that's true I'll be sure to snag another 100mL along with a bottle of Coeur de vetiver next time I get the chance.