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Selling my Aventus because, well, it just does not excite me like I thought it would. So, I am trying to rack my brain to decide what scent I used to have, or tried, that I want to go back to. One summer, one winter. For winter, I only wear Coromandel by Chanel. Summer is Creed GIT. All year is Creed GIT

I just can't for the life of me decide where to begin. Acqua di Parma Colonia, maybe, and had the Essenza but too floral. Miller Harris Fuelles de Tabac was nice, but fleeting on me. Tangerine Vert was okay. The mint scent by Heeley sounds ok. I dont want to go north of $130 or so for 100ml. Caravelle Epicee for fall? Piper Nigrum was okay for a while but got to being too much pepper. Had Tauer LDDM a number of times and sold it, and well, it is now, I dont know. Sycamore by Chanel was too light and I dont think I get along well with vetiver, but I did like Montale Red Vetiver at one point, but that could be a misnomer.

Im stuck in a rut and can't get up. Help.