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PMP (Perfumes Mayr Plettenberg) is a new niche company that comes from Hamburg, Germany. It was founded by Stefanie Mayr, designer, visionary and artist, and Daniel Plettenberg, brand creator and inventor.

The first perfume is calledDreckig Bleiben("stay dirty" in German) developed in collaboration with perfumer Mark Buxton.Dreckig Bleibenis announced as a "punk couture" perfume and "finely-tuned rejection of superficiality.”

“Like a pair of beloved, beat-up sneakers or an underarm tattoo that stand just for themselves. Nothing less, nothing more.”

Dreckig Bleibenwas for years the greet and a saying amongst Hamburg Punks and squatters and is meant as a metaphor for an authentic appreciation of the world: that one feels the people and life itself, that one stays grounded, that one is open for all new things. The dirt is standing for the real things, the authentic and that one cares of what is happening in this world.”

Dreckig Bleibenopens with harmonious blend of Calabrian bergamot, Tunisian neroli, mandarin from Sicily and Chinese ginger. Its heart beats with scents of smoky labdanum oil, gurjan balsam and elemi. The base features earthy cedar, guaiac wood oil, sandalwood and vanilla.

The bottle is especially interesting because of its wooden cap made of centuries-old wood that used to frame old houses. The wood is dark and the bottle’s glass is golden bright.

The fragrance is available as 50 ml Eau de Parfum in limited number of 999 bottles.

Dreckig Bleibenwas launched in 2013.