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May 28, 2008

Here's one of my favorite quotations about scent, taken from Giuseppe di Lampedusa's book The Leopard, translated by Archibald Colquhoun:

"But the garden, hemmed and almost squashed between these barriers, was exhaling scents that were cloying, fleshy, and slightly putrid, like the aromatic liquids distilled form the relics of certain saints; the carnations superimposed their pungence on the formal fragrance of roses and the oily emanations of magnolias drooping in corners; and somewhere beneath it all was a faint smell of mint mingling with a nursery whiff of acacia and the jammy one of myrtle; from a grove beyond the wall came an erotic waft of early orange blossom."

Di Lampedusa was Sicilian prince born in 1896. The Leopard was his first and only novel.

Today I wore Comme des Garcons Carnation on one wrist and Santa Maria Novella Garofano / Carnation on the other. I still can't decide which one to buy. I like CdG a bit better, I think, but it doesn't last as long as SMN. SMN is spicier -- more embellished, somehow.