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    "The Divatologist Perfume Application Method" Part II

    I don't have a problem with either. Honey, B&BW body spray lasts until I wash it off. You know that stuff doesn't last an hour on most folks. My method works well for me and it may work for you. It's a process now, but it works. Lastly, as if this isn't long enough already, my skin regimen.......

    I shower daily. I use a thick cotton wash cloth. I start off with lukewarm water. I do not take hot showers, not even in the winter. The CDC states that lukewarm water with soap and a good scrubbing is sufficient in order to clean yourself and remove the germs from the day. I start off with lukewarm water and end the shower with cool to cold water depending on the season. I cool my skin down before I get out of the shower. I DO NOT GET OUT OF THE SHOWER SWEATING!! Getting out of the shower sweating kind of defeats the whole purpose of showering don't you think? I use simple soaps like Ivory or Dial. It doesn't matter. I wash my entire body 3 to 4 times with my soap and wash cloth. I scrub very well. Sometimes I use the soap for my frag of the day if I have it. After I finish washing I leave my entire upper body wet. I dry the bottom half. I sometimes have to add a little more water, but I make sure my upper body is nice and wet. I spray my SOTD on my wet skin. I spray my chest, my stomach, my neck front and back, my arms all over, and then the twins....*giggle*. I take the water and I use it to rub the frag into my skin and all over my upper body. Depending on how strong my frag is, I may spray more or less, but I always do the intial spray.

    After rubbing my frag in, I put on my loiton. I have very very dry skin. I use a combination of about 3 to 4 lotions at a time. I use Jergens Ultra Healing, Eucercin Intensive Repair (Green Top), Some type of body butter, and the lotion for my SOTD. I lotion my entire body because I can't stand to be dry anywhere. *Before I put on my clothes, I give myself a quick spray to the chest, neck and arms and then I get dressed*.....Please take note of this statement. It was overlooked by many. I do re-apply before I get dressed. So, in essence I do apply my frag like many of you. I don't just apply right out of the shower. I also apply my frag after I have applied my lotion. Many will argue that perfume should be applied after you lotion. I apply before and after. I think I got it pretty much covered.

    Now once a week I do a deep exfoliation. I soak in the tub. I get the water as hot as I can stand it. You can use any type of bath bubbles or whatever. Just get that water hot and soak. I don't have a big tub. So, I have to soak on one side at a time LOL. I try to soak at least 30 minutes. If I don't have anything to do I soak much longer. This loosens up the dead skin. After I soak, I get my weapons of choice. I have exfoliating gloves, which are wonderful and feel so good on the skin. They are like scouring pads. They are rough. I also have one of those puff sponges and a loofah sponge. Again I just use Ivory or whatever. I wash with each using my Ivory. I then repeat the cycle using a different soap. So I wash with the gloves, then I wash with the puff, then I wash with the sponge, and then I wash with my wash cloth. I repeat that cycle once more. Be careful cause the skin can get raw from all the scrubbing. After I've finished, then I let the water out and take a shower. I wash off 1 maybe 2 times and do the same as above. Now, sometimes I scrub a little to hard and I can't wear that much perfume. Honey, when that alcohol hits you, it's like somebody set you on fire lol. So, be careful but scrub, scrub, scrub.

    By doing this I get the ultimate in sillage and longevity. My skin is very clean and moisturized and covered with my SOTD. I get many compliments. I'm always told that I smell good. My frags often last until I wash them off and that's usually the next day. So, try this for about a month and see if you notice a difference in how long your frag lasts. This regimen is effective for those who are prone to body odor as well. Just be sure to remove those hairs in those smelly places often. Hair holds odor in the worst way. That goes for men too. I recommend that you remove the hair from those areas that tend to smell at least once a month. You don't have to shave it completely off cause it itches like hell when that hair grows back. Sorry it was so long, but I take my perfume wearing very seriously as you can see. I have it broken down into a science and a scientific process. But you know what...........

    I smells gooooooooood.

    Fragrant Smooches All............


    ....helping the world smell better one funky armpit at a time.
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    Well, I was kind of CURIOUS. So I peeked at your blog.

    And you know what? Your method works to prolong my scent so I can enjoy it. I don't care so much about getting compliments, and I certainly don't want to be a sillage-monster and overwhelm anyone I'm around. I'm actually really meek about my fragrances, and just want to enjoy them for ME. But the cool thing is I'm enjoying the scent longer, all day, actually. The fulcrum of this method, in my opinion, seems to be the under AND over your lotion thing that seals the deal.

    So thank you, Divatologist, because this has been fun.
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    Wow. That was interesting. I'll try it.

    Are those things you learned through schooling or just figured them out on your own?
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    I will say it again. Gurrrrl.... you are THOROUGH!! i, too, apply fragrance in this fashion... although I have to be careful with the scrubbing, LOL, not only is my skin dry its extremely sensitive, and I can just imagine the PAIN of the alcohol hitting it.... OUCHIE!!!
    This method works and thank you for the time you spent sharing.
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    Thanks for your great posts, Divatologist! I really enjoyed hearing your method in detail. I think it makes a lot of sense. The way you protect the fragrance is a lot like what dermatologists recommend to protect skin moisture. I'm going to try this method on my light and citrus scents, especially.

    Thanks again!
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    I modified it a little for my "body" skin (wish is not dry / not oily) and it works wonders. I have been getting away from it, but now I'm going to get back to this method.

    Thanks Diva.
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    Lady Diva-- I've used your method several times now and I too can attest that IT WORKS! I use it only with my full bottle fragrances because of the extra applications, but the longevity is so significantly longer that it's easily worth it. I've also experimented, and it doesn't last longer just because I apply more. You do need to apply on wet skin, then apply lotion, then a little more fragrance. I've always been big on exfoliating once or twice a week and using lotion daily after my shower or bath, so the only adjustment I made was simply spritzing myself before and after lotion! Thank you, Divatologist!
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    I never thought about doing things that way. Where did you learn that this is what works?
    Thanks for a good read!
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    Well, my Moms always wore perfume, but she would always get the splash instead of the spray. She would put it on her right out of the shower before she would dry off. So, it was my Moms who taught me the application method. The info on the skin is something I discovered on my own and was later validated when I took Anatomy & Physiology plus Microbiology.

    This is a post like many we have seen over and over. This is from Rex...

    On your skin or on your clothes?


    For 25 years I always put fragrance on my skin (neck, chest). Since longevity in general is better on fabrics I ask myself if I was wrong for a quarter of a century and if should spray it on my clothes instead (or both). I know it develops differently, but for most scents I love, light and fresh scents mostly, longevity is really an issue and I don't want to walk around with an atomizer in my pocket.

    This was my response....

    My darling Rex I welcome you to try my method of applying fragrances. Whatever I wear smells like my perfume simply because of the way I apply my perfume. Click the link in my siggy.

    This was his response to me....

    Thanx for the advice but as you know I'm a man. I'm very concerned about my looks and the way I smell but I can't waste too much time in the bathroom. I shower after exercice (that's every day!) and I use a cheap generic shower gel for that matter. I'dont use any moisturizer or other skin grooming products and I do not scrub or exfoliate my skin. So for me it has to be cologne sprayed on and forget about it. The only cologne I use that as any longevity to speak of is Kouros. I wouldn't spray this one on my clothes but all the other fragrances I spray on my body as well as on my clothes. That way I get the most of them in terms of sillage and longevity.

    This response made me smile because it too validated my methods. He stated all the things he doesn't and won't do, therefore making you go hmmmmmm maybe Diva does know something lol. She knows one thing for sure......

    She smells gooooooooood!
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    Your advice is very important and useful.
    I would like to ask you if it is important to use the same lotion with the fragrance we use or at least a lotion similar with our fragrance.
    Or is it best to use a lotion without scent?
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    First of all I would like to thank all of you for reading my blog and trying out some of the techniques. Your feedback is very appreciated and also helpful to others. So, again thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.

    Fraise it's actually great if you have the lotion to go with your frag. Layering can help increase longevity. I usually won't by a perfume unless it has a body lotion to go with it. However, I have since learned to get lotions or oils close to the scent that I'm wearing. Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret actually make scents that blend very well with a few of the frags I wear. 2 other lotions that I use often is Palmer's Coca Butter and Baby Magic Lotion. Both of these lotions are very well scented and blend beautifully with many frags. Most lotions are scented, but not scented well enough to last longer than about 15 to 30 minutes. So, it depends. Lots of folks like to use unscented lotion because they don't want to mix their scents. I'm a rebel!! I have discovered some of my best concoctions by using different kinds of lotions.

    In addition to "The Divatologist Perfume Application Method" I also have "The Divatologist Concoctions". These are some of my favorite combos. I like to make my frags unique to me. Layering different scents is a great way to make a scent your own. Of course as a BNer you never ever tell your secret to regular people. They just don't understand lol. My most complimented concoction to date is.....

    Alien + Aveda Patchouli Oil + Alien Lotion + Baby Magic Baby Soft Scent Lotion.

    Honeyyyyyyy the men be all up in Diva's neck...*giggle*. I even got women stopping me and asking me what I have on.

    So don't be afraid to use a scented lotion, even if it's not the one that goes with the frag. Who knows? You just might discover your HG!! What's even better is no one will be able to duplicate your wonderful creation cause you will never tell your secret.

    Again, thank you guys for taking the time to read my blog. My list of concoctions will be coming soon.
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    Divatologist, thank you very much for your thorough answer.
    I would also like to ask you how many times you spray a strong frag(during the initial spay). Sometimes I feel that I can't smell myself so well and I am afraid of overapplying.
    I don't have a tub (only a shower), do you believe I can manage to do an exfoliation even if it is not the deepest one?
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    At the moment I DRY my skin after i get out the bath..then apply the fragrance..i should be applying it to my wet body?
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    Fraise I usually only do the initial sprays with my stronger scents. That means I usually won't do a 2nd coating after lotioning. I spray my chest area (twins..*giggle*), stomach, neck (front & sides), and arms (upper & lower). Because of the way I apply my frag, I can always smell it. Sometimes we think that no one can smell our frag because we can't smell it. It's true that after a while you may not be able to smell your frag, but it is still noticeable by others. You really need that tub though. You can scrub for days in a shower, but it won't come close to soaking. You would be amazed at the difference in your skin after a good soak and scrub down. I think if you get the body gloves and a good wash cloth you'll be fine.

    Ironmike, yes you should try putting your frag on while your skin is damp. The water aids in spreading the frag all over your upper body. Maximum coverage is what will increase your longevity. Next time you wear a long sleeve shirt try my application method. Later on in the day roll up your sleeve and smell your arms and stick your nose in your shirt. You will notice that you can still smell the frag on your skin. Next time you wear a short sleeve shirt do the same thing. You'll notice that your frag may not be as noticeable on your arms, but you can stick your nose in your shirt and still get a good sense of your frag. It's true that most of what we spray on evaporates into the air over time. However, the skin that is covered by clothing tends to hold onto the frag alot longer. So, applying the frag my way gives you maxium coverage for those areas covered by clothing. Our necks are exposed most of the time and our wrists get washed and rubbed against throughout the day. Stick your nose in your shirt and it will still give off that just sprayed smell. Just try it a couple of times and let me know if you notice the difference. When I wear short sleeves, later on in the day you can sometimes smell a slight trace of my frag. When I stick my nose in my shirt I can still smell my frag like I just put it on. So, don't limit your area. Cover all bases.
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    Divatologist, your posts are really helpful.
    Thank you again for your answer.
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