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This being the warmest, sunniest day the Great Northwest has seen in a few months, it seemed apropo that I try a nice, springy little floral. That wasn't what was going through my mind this morning, or at all through the day, but now that I'm curled up in my comfy chair and sweats at the computer, it all makes sense! But first things first.

Day 3: Poivre I had absolutely no emotional response to this one when I put it on except to think that it is aptly named. The black pepper thing I got must be carnation, according to the notes. So since I wasn't exactly wallowing in clove-y, peppery pleasure, I thought about who would wear Poivre, where they would wear it, and what they would wear it with. I got nothing. I was thinking that I really don't get this perfume. I get the concept, but not the perfume. As we headed out the door for church, I put on my glasses and for some reason that brought the whole thing together for me, and Poivre suddenly became this serious librarian-type scent. Then, an hour or so later, it was gone! I kinda missed it.

Day 4: Fleurs de Rocaille I was pretty much stoked about this one from my initial vial-sniff(mmm...aldehydes!) It should be noted that my skin isn't kind to Chanel No. 5, and No. 5 isn't kind to my head. No. 22 is my HG, and somewhere in between lies Fleurs de Rocaille. What I said about the beautiful outside was true. However, today happened to be the beginning of a long, grueling, tiresome week. I probably should have gone with Hypnotic Poison (my other HG and the Scent Which is Closest to My Heart) and saved Fleurs for another day. This isn't to say that it isn't the prettiest floral I have yet smelled. In a different, lighter frame of mind, though, I might appreciate it more.
On the other hand, maybe the prettiest floral I have yet smelled just isn't going to elicit much of a response from me. My loves, even the quiet ones, still tend to be a little heavier.