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I love having this forum. I love being able to look up a particular scent and get opinions and details, to be drawn towards something I would have never known about.

I find i am most drawn towards the fragrances that I recoil from almost immediately. The same nuances that blow my mind are the ones that make me wait for the drydown to see how these fragrances meld with my chemistry.

I tried Cabochard and Carolina Herrera today. I went into the store to buy Cabochard unsniffed because I was craving a dry leathery chypre. It may be June, but it's wet and cold in Chicago. I hated them both both immediately. They were razor sharp and cloying respectively. They stood out. I'm into subtle. At the end of two hours I really adore the depth and the natural green bouquet respectively. I think I may purchase both and this is amazing because I was also sampling Mandragore and Bulgari's Rouge.

This happened to me with Angel and Cashmere Mist also...go figure

What next....juicy Couture?