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I tried Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey. BN database lists Clementine, Peach, Nectarine, Blackcurrant, Plum, Vetiver, Honey. Another source comes up with a usual top-heart-base structure:
Top notes are green notes, black currant and petit grain; middle notes are nectarine and black locust; base notes are vetiver, peach and plum.

This works as a very pleasant fruity scent for me. I don't get any honey (which I was originally interested in), but the formula "I bought it for... but I kept it for..." works for this one too. I bought a sample of it for honey and if I choose to get more of it, I'll do it for nectarine/peach. In fact, to me peach is everything about this smell.

I smell a very delicate nectarine/peach and a slight wind of a scent of blooming fruit trees which comes from a far. The peach I smell is not a peach you're eating with it's juice dripping down your chin, and it's not a platonic idea of a peach in Mitsouko. This peach is sitting on a plate, the plate is sitting on a table, the table is on an open patio, you're smelling the blooming fruit trees from the orchard, the breath of Spring comes with the light wind, you're about to have that peach for breakfast, and the whole day is ahead.

Usually when I try samples, I do one delicate dab at first, and with some fragrances this is more than you need. With this one I dabbed, got the impression, but it disappeared too soon. I reapply with a much heavier hand and got the same lovely dreamy smell for about three-four hours. This is decent longevity, but not great. I'm sure this scent will benefit from a full bottle with a sprayer!

I might get it if I feel a craving for a peach scent, this is the best peach I tried so far (and the first nectarine).

Thanks for the Sniff & Speak idea, this was fun!