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Hello Everyone!
Sniff and Speak is fun!
I found that I don't have a lot of citrus fragrances, and haven't been craving them lately. Old FBs of Clinique Happy (which wears with some grapefruit smell on me) and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea (orange and tea) did not inspire me sufficiently, so I dug through the samples pile. The first one, listed on Fragrantica as "Citrus", was L'Occitane Ruban d'Orange. I put it on and went to the market. Well, that one gave me a compliment from a guy from France whom I met there! How fun was that! I liked it, but it's not earth-shattering nor is a big love. It's a carefully blended lemon and cedar with very tame grassy scent (perhaps vetiver?) on me. A safe choice for a Summer daytime, would be fine for the office, but it just didn't make my heart beat. The lasting power didn't excite me either, but it was one of those store samples, so I'm sure if you apply a fragrance it would last fine. All L'Occitanes last great on me.

Then I decided that it's a good day to make up my mind finally about Jo Malone Lime, Basil, and Mandarine, listed on Fragrantica as Citrus Aromatic. I didn't like it when I tried it first, so it's time to make up my mind. I apply with a heavy hand and got a lovely sweet juicy mandarin with a hint of bergamot, the first 5 minutes were lovely, but then the warring began (check out hilarious review by Live Jazz! I really liked it!). I'm getting cilantro smelling from under my mandarine. What an unlucky marriage, and while I love cilantro, I just don't like to smell like it or I don't like it in a combo with a sweet clementine or perhaps both! It doesn't smell like basil to me at all.

Next ones on my list are Chemical Bonding and Field Notes from Paris by Ineke.