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44 different scents worn

5x -- Tolu by Ormonde Jayne
3x -- Mahjoun by DSH
Yvresse by YSL
2x -- Lumiere (DSH)
Alien (Mugler)
Onda EDP (Vero Profumo)
Honey Blossom (Aftelier)
Gold Woman (Amouage)

Fourth Quarter:
I recorded almost nothing in October, but still. 79 different scents worn *Good Lord!!*
7x -- Tolu
5x -- Cardamom and Khyphi (DSH)
4x -- Onda EDP

The year would be hard. I have only started keeping track of what I'm wearing this year in May, and some months I was recording lazily, and some months I was not recording at all. So I will have to try to get all monthly worksheets together... humm... let me try...

2010, limited recording since May:

Ma Griffe -- 8x

Poeme, Lancome -- 7x
Fleurs de Rocaille, Caron -- 7x
Tolu, Ormonde Jayne -- 7x

Cardamom and Khyphi, DSH -- 6x

Mahjoun, DSH -- 5x (I know it was a lot more, but only 5 times got recorded)
Miracle, Lancome -- 5x

Onda EDP -- 4x
New Haarlem, Bond #9 -- 4x
Ninfeo Mio, Annick Goutal -- 4x, finished decant.