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You might call it fragrance Gold these days. Fetching prices upwards of $200+, this limited edition competes with the Big Boys of the niche industry. But the question one must ask themself is, "Is this really worth the money?" Break out the chocolates and turn on your coffee makers!

If you didn't know already, Pure Coffee was a limited edition release in 2008 by Thierry Mugler. It was created by Jaques Huclier, the nose behind many Mugler fragrances. In just one year, this fragrance went from limited edition to unlimited price tag, and it continues to fetch incredibly high prices.

This fragrance is obviously meant to capture the smell of coffee, which is succeeds highly at. Notes of coffee, lavender, caramel, chocolate, patchouli, vetiver, cedar, musk, moss would hint at a woody gourmand, and in my opinion, this is tied with the original A*Men for "Best Woody Gourmand". However there are two key distinctions between this and the original: The smell and the longevity. Everyone knows A*Men will outlast the human lifespan in the longevity category; Pure Coffee is a whimp. It is subtle, understated, quieter, friendlier. A*Men is bold, ballsy, powerful; you make a strong statement. Pure Coffee is that warm latte on a cold winter evening - it is Pure Comfort.

The smell of Pure Coffee is rather akin to a latte. Opening up with a strong coffee note that is backed by chocolate, Pure Coffee truly displays the coffee note that is blended into the madness that is A*Men's opening. When I first smelled it I realized something: all the descriptions about Pure Malt being "everything that is good about A*Men without the bad" were wrong - THIS was the truly stripped down A*Men, THIS was the true beauty of A*Men.

The coffee and chocolate opening lasts rather long for top notes, about 30 minutes. The coffee gets put in the background and what's left is what I've been craving in a fragrance since I started this hobby: CHOCOLATE. Oh my goodness is it amazing. Warm, semi-sweet chocolate and caramel blend with hints of mocha and patchouli, a truly delicious and soothing aroma. Tragically this middle can only last so long (3 hours is plenty of time, but I am a true chocolate lover!) before the patchouli and moss notes gradually take the fore-front. About 4-6 hours after spraying, this fragrance becomes purely a skin scent, a fragment of it's monolithic past.

Although longevity is not this fragrance's forte, Pure Coffee serves it's purpose perfectly. A nice comforting mocha-chocolate caramel latte on a cold night. It warms, comforts, entices, and hypnotizes you.

9/10 stars

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves A*Men but wants more chocolate and coffee out of it. A*Men is much more blended with the notes, while Pure Coffee is, well, more "pure" in it's notes (you smell them individually with ease, there's no "digging" for them). Although the prices are absurd, I recommend at least sampling this or getting a decant. There are some bargains out there, just be patient and you will find them.

Anyone who is familiar with my review/discussion threads might have noticed I changed my style a bit, focusing more on the aroma as opposed to aesthetics, price, where to find etc. etc. Please let me know if you prefer this!
Please share your thoughts on anything - the review, the fragrance, the prices, anything!

Thank you!