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I just love it. Anything that smells wonderful, my sensitive nose will seek it out and distinguish a particular smell within an abundance of other scents, even in a busy city. I have been known to tell people what perfume they are wearing as they walk past, and am usually spot on! I can also smell other smells, sometimes ones which I am unable to identify but smell so fabulous.

I adore the smell of leather, warm wet bath flannels, washing powder and crispy clean linen, jasmine, coconuts and vanilla. In the village where I grew up, there once was a huge mansion with a lovely, mysterious lady who lived there. Sadly this got burnt down, with the poor lady in there, too. There are a few large trees outside the remains of the mansion, and on a warm summer's evening, I smell this beautiful deep scent- it has a hint of germolene, or Deep Heat, with floral and musk notes. I have no idea which tree it is but I wish I knew. I have always believed that this is the lady's perfume, wafting past you as you walk along the road side.